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Fred is Evil #3

A few months back our girls decided that they wanted a fish. I was not too keen on the idea because i knew that maintenance would be an issue… They said that they wanted a Betta which i was OK with because Betta’s survive anything…well almost anything. The fish survived the girls for at least 2 months, which deeply impressed me. Betta’s are actually pretty amazing fish, they will survive in dead water because the actually “breath” air. They don’t have lungs but their gills have adapted in a way that they can derive oxygen (yes, fish use oxygen, just like us above-the-water creatures) from a bubble the Betta gulps up from above water. So yeah, really hardy fish. Then one beautiful Colorado morning our 15 year old Hailey came running up the stairs yelling “OUR FISH IS GONE!!”. “Gone? what do you mean gone??” I said. At that point we all slowly looked at Fred…..

Fred didn't feel guilty

Fred didn’t feel guilty

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