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Impusive Big Green Egg Drumsticks

While preparing my world famous ribs (see Big Green Ribs) I found a package of chicken drumsticks in the fridge that needed to be either cooked right away or thrown out.. So I rubbed them with some Famous Dave’s and found a 3 hour slot (in between the rib creating) to conduct a little EGGsperiment…

I want to apologize for the crappy pictures.. probably rib grease on my iPhone lens..

I set the egg up for very indirect cooking (like the first stage of the ribs) with tin foil and the plate setter. Added a small hand full of cherry and apple wood to the fire (not too much, chicken sucks up smoke like its going out of style.. I found that out when I did chicken wings once, the smoke flavor gets sucked out by deep frying them, but I didn’t want to do that with these drumsticks) and threw them on!

Ready for some smoking!

I just let them go, no basting or whatever, at about 250 – 300 F for about 3 hours. When the chickens came off they had a nice golden brown color, smelled awesome and were nice and moist. I covered them with tin foil and set them aside until closer to dinner time.

After 3 hours of smoking!

Before dinner time I fired up the egg again, direct heat this time, to about 350 – 400 F and threw the drum sticks on with the ribs for a few minutes. This to give them a nice(r) color and to burn off some of the moister in the skin, making it nice and crispy! They were already fully cooked during smoking so they don’t need a lot of time. Just to heat and crisp them up!

On direct fire to finish them off!

And the result was awesome. My mommy (my parents were visiting from Holland) loved them!

Smelled, looked and tasted great!! (see Big Green Ribs for the rib story)

Smelled, looked and tasted great!! (see Big Green Ribs for the rib story)


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