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The Big Green Egg

“In the beginning there was fire. Early man first learned the flavor benefits of cooking meat over this exciting discovery, which was quickly adopted as far superior to gnawing on raw brontosaurus!”

I would like to introduce to you the ultimate grilling tool, the invention of inventions, the Mother of All Barbeques (MOAB), ladies and gentlemen: the Big Green Egg®!


The Egg in all her beauty


On their website the creators of this awesome chunk of ceramic green beauty refer to it as the Ultimate Cooking Experience™. Our 8-year old. Robert likes to refer to it as the “awesomest smoker barbeque”, My wife, Laura likes to call it the “get-the-husband-to-take-care-of-dinner tool” and I like to refer to it as the “Ultimate Gentleman’s Redneck Tool”.

You don’t go out and just buy a BGE, you admire it for a while (weeks, months) from a distance, then out of all the Egg’s in the store, one will stand out. Why that one? Why did you fall for your wife/husband and not for another person? Its the connection, the emotional bond you form. The same happens between a man and his Egg. That’s why an Egg is a guys tool, to get the highest possible quality out of an Egg, an Egg needs to be loved, appreciated, cherished and complimented, just like a woman needs to be. And at times, a man will not understand his Egg.. He will learn to know it though, just give it time and practice. The first product out of a brand new BGE will be good, really good, but as time progresses and the Egg and the bond grows stronger and stronger, the results will become more and more impressive.

One has to take care of his Egg, always use the right coals: the BGE Brand 100% Natural Lump Charcoal

Egg Coals

Egg Coals

NEVER use lighter fluid, Egg needs to be lit with special non-toxic all natural fire starters but there  are better alternatives out there. BGE markets an electric starter which you stick in the coals, and 10 minutes later they are lit. I however use the Looftlighter, basically a hairdryer on steroids, blowing super-heated air onto the coals and lighting them in seconds, a great addition!

Looftlighter, 15 seconds in

Looftlighter, 15 seconds in

The Big Green Egg is a culture more than anything, it will change your life and the life of the people around you. Once you go there you will never go back. One of the main categories in my blog will be dedicated to my creations on the Big Green Egg. My Egg and I hang out every weekend for awesome slow cooks like ribs, roasts, smoked salmon, etc and during the week i often fire it up for high heat cooks like steak, burgers and chicken. I am looking forward to share what my Egg and I create with you dear reader, and maybe I can inspire you to jump on the Egg bandwagon one day!

The setup and accessories i have:

  • Large Big Green Egg
  • Big Green Egg Table with green tiles
  • Plate Setter for indirect heat cooks
  • Pizza Baking Stone and pizza tools
  • Looftlighter®
  • Dual Probe wireless digital thermometer (measures meat and grill temps)
  • Pit Mitt® BBQ Glove




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