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Fred is Evil #10

On our way to Houston (Houston? Yes Houston, see my next post) we obviously had to lock  up our BA cat Fred for the journey. The poor bastard had just ate his last bird for a while without knowing it the morning before we left. We caught him Friday night and made sure he couldn’t get out of the house. The girls cornered him and locked him up for the 5 AM departure on Saturday. Fred meowed for about 4 of the 9.5 hours of the first day of driving, pretty much until he found the two chill pills i had dropped in his prison cell and they kicked in. He was let out when we arrived at the hotel and instantly hid behind the bed. The girls captured him the next morning and at 6 AM he was back in his cage, pills had not yet kicked in.. I took a picture and, as always, could read his mind…

Rik Iphone 165



Today, 5 days later, he still looks at me like that. He knows i am permanently armed so he wont attack but why am I always the guilty party with this feline??




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