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I Hate Clowns

Hate is such a strong, angry and negative word. People that know me well know that, contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate. I look down upon, despise, loath, and feel contempt with, but I don’t  hate. And when i feel negativity towards something, it hardly ever is towards an individual. I  mostly despise views, actions, behaviors of groups or individuals but not the person.. Now there is one THING that I don’t mind using the H-word with… The CLOWN (and its evil brother the MIME). Clowns, I can’t stand them, I have never liked them, will never like them, they need to go away.

Some Rik related facts on clowns:

  • I am not coulrophobic (the fear of clowns).
  • My earliest memory of a circus is a dark, hot, uncomfortable tent in either Indonesia or Malaysia. I vividly remember the clown(s).. Black East Indian people with clown face paint what was washing away due to sweat.. Yeah Steven King’s Pennywise is a cutie compared to that (probably exaggerated) childhood memory “Is this your boat, Rikkie?”
  • I once attacked a clown on a patio in Portugal. In my defense, the clown in question attacked me first with one of those flowers that squirt water (yes really).. He had just refilled in a local chorine-infused fountain and, after me telling him to F#$%K off a few times, he figured that squirting that fountain water in my eye would be funny. I found myself jumping over the table and well.. no clowns were (seriously) hurt
  • I was one of the first ones that opened an account at when it started 12 years ago
  • I have the t-Shirt(s)

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