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Funny things my kids say/do #1

New Series! So often after the kids say or do something funny Laura and I say “we should write this stuff down”. So i decided to actually start doing that! Here’s number 1:

After I accepted the position in Houston, we decided to go and check it out. Laura and i drove down to Houston and booked a couple of rooms at the Hilton. We went out for dinner and when we got back to the hotel we piled into the elevator: Laura, myself ,the kids and a group of other people. You know how it goes: everyone moves around each other, finding their position in the little steel box, trying not to touch one and other, turn around and face the door, staring at the reflection of that scene in the elevator door.. After everyone found his or her spot, all ready to go, the doors closed and the first person who spoke was 3-year old Rikkie with the magic words “I farted”

Made everyone’s day!

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