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Cool abbreviations (I meant to say acronyms)

Any given day people around me will hear me say stuff like “that’s such a cool mechanical pencil, that the MOAPC” or “that’s the best duct tape ever, it’s the MOADC” or “the Big Green Egg is the MOAB” or “Nothing compares to a  Glock it’s the MOAG” or “Uggs are the most comfortable slippers i have ever had, they are the MOAS” or (shall i stop now Laura?? 🙂 )

MOA.. stands for Mother Of All .. I first heard the term during the last Gulf War on CNN. The Allies were dropping heavy conventional bombs they referred to as MOAB’s, short for Mother Of All Bombs. At the time i thought that was one of the coolest abbreviations I had ever heard, and come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cooler one… Maybe BGE or EDC or K (but I’ve actually started texting “potassium” in stead of K, because that’s nerdier), but no.. MOA.. is the coolest abbreviation EVER and i will continue to use it. It will go viral one day and I won’t get the credit but I will know and that’s enough!

thank you

EDIT: yeah thanks Laura, i meant acronyms 🙂

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